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Ethical charter

Charte engagement We intend to create and maintain long-trem professional, cordial relations with people willing to start a new career.

This ethical charter is abiden by all the consultants.


- Your application is dealt with with discretion, even if your employer is a customer of ours.
- We do not mention applicants’ names if they have not formally allowed us to do so.


- We answer to all applications within 2 weeks after receiving the latter.
- We will keep you informed about the evolution of your case in the recruiting process.
- In case your interview is followed by a negative answer, you will be informed about the reasons why your application has not been selected.


- 1001Talents selects the applicants without the slightest discriminatory criterion.
- This rule shall remain effective, even if customers would try to convince us to act differently.

Application risks

- 1001Talents promises to acquaint you in an open manner with the risks that a proposed job might imply.
- All the missions that we are willing to carry out should not come with undisclosed potential career hazards.


- We perform interviews in an appropriate location ensuring things go smoothly. Meeting times are respected; the interview is totally dedicated to the valuation of your skills and motivation.

Computers and Freedom

- According to the French law on Computers and Freedom, dated January 6. 1978, it is your plain right to have access, modify, correct or delete data regarding your private life.
- To exercise this right and delete your CV from our database, an e-mail should be sent to

- Our firm is registered at the French Computering and Freedom Commission - 21, rue Saint Guillaume - 75 340 Paris. More information is available on the CNIL website on