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Are you an independent consultant, or planning to become one ? Join 1001Talents, the best professional environment to work in.

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1001Talents is a recruitment agency for High Tech and BtoB jobs. We are interested in all kinds of profiles, to fill all kinds of positions - executives, managers, business experts, and especially sales engineers. Our mission is to hire the best applicants, with the skills, experience, motivation and fit our customers need as soon as possible. Advanced technology is extensively used, in order to bring optimal results in the hunt and applicant search stages. Our traditional evaluation methods are mainly based on semi-opened interviews.


Planning on settling as an independent recruitment consultant ? Join us, become our partner, be successful while working with us, with our expertise and our team. The job of a consultant is made of 4 equal parts:

- Prospection and Sales Development
- Hunt-based and Internet-based search for applicants
- Assessment interview, report
- Applicant introduction to the customer, integration follow-up


As a senior, you already had an outstanding career. Contemplating becoming a consultant ? Sales skills - since you will hunt both clients and applicants - are required, and a network of contacts is even better, in order to start working. Experience in recruiting - especially sales recruiting - is expected. You also need analyzing and summarizing skills to deal with notes about the applicants.

Besides, you have to be comfortable using the phone and the computer - for phone calls, e-mailing, using search engines, meta search engines, databases...

We provide

- 1001Talents’s brand name, its website, its applicant search methods - job boards, wanted ads..., in-technique organization - Intranet network, 1001Talents’s resume database, trade application.
- Training on applicant search technique and assessment methods.