1001Talents Values

Requirement, Respect, Service are the funding values of 1001Talents


Our ambition is to meet all customers requirements in the recruitments. This ambition has been made possible by the construction of a database of quality candidates' that is among the richest in the market: more than 280 000 Candidates have given us their CV, for a long term career partnership.This mass of quality candidates allows us to strongly accelerate the process of search, and be much more demanding in the phases of evaluation: our most classic ratio is 100 persons contacted for 1 recruited person. Our ambition also is to put at the disposal of the consultants and of our customers the best HR tools and techniques to allow them to make recruitments highly successful


The respect for our customers and for the candidates is a key dimension of our vision. We are conscious of the immense responsibility that is put on us for each recruitment. All the missions are carefully prepared. The information, the conditions of the recruitment are verified in detail, to avoid any potential problem during the recruitment. We pay respect to any application by replying, even for those who will be finally rejected. If applicants wish to know the reasons why their application has not finally been retained, we give the precise reasons why they have been rejected.


To serve our customers and meet great success in their recruitments is our objective. We work hard to reach the objective in the minimum of time. Our presence is strong as well in meeting their requirements as to push them toward success, sometimes in spite of them!