Test of personality

1001Talents uses tests of personnality as confirmation of proven achievements and face to face interviews. These test are a good complement to confirm the personality profile of the applicants. We use the Heymans and Wiersma famous test that has been considerably improved and utilised by Le Senne, Berger... and many others.
Our modest contribution has been to compile the result obtained into a "business" usable format. We have so far 6 profiles reports :

  • A general report including : objectifs, achievements, tenacity/ Maturity, Decision making, Behavior/ Communication skills, listening, expression, leadership/ Openmindness, creativity/ Capacity at work, organisation, coordination
  • A report dedicated to selling skills, extremely operational: Ability to /prospect/ Prepare a call/ Listen to customer/ Present products or services/ Conclusion
  • A special report for Negociation skills
Each of these reports are available in two formats: Direct reading with visual bars or Textual versions.

Given the success of our analys and the high level of benefit for acurate evaluation, we are preparing several other reports dedicated to management capacities.