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Because of the full executive employment context, finding, contacting and convincing best applicants requires new means and skills related to headhunting.

As specialists in High Tech fields and BtoB services, we are able to find the talented applicants you need - executives, top and middle managers, business experts, sales functions people, Marketing and Support persons, project managers, engineers, developers…- with the skills, experience, motivation and fit you need.

Our method is based on new generation tools, strict Datamining, and the ability to use national and international networks.

Since good decision-making is real-time and occurs under pressure, it is important now more than ever to work with the best to be successful and win the economic competition.

Headhunting makes us responsible for the recruitment of your future collaborator, we promise you a successful hiring.

We search and choose applications with job offers from the best resume sources, including the 1001Talents database.

We precisely evaluate the skills and motivation of the applicants we chose and counsel you on their integration into your company. See our evaluation method

Once the decision is made, the hiring of the applicant is guaranteed for 3 months. See our guaranties

You can follow your hunt’s results on our secured Intranet network.

For successful recruiting, we combine traditional evaluation methods and advanced technology .

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