Quality Commitment

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Privacy Commitment

If running recruitment process is confidential, direct approach meets your needs well. We ensure total privacy throughout the whole recruitment mission.

Mission Duration

Though it remains hard to say how long a hunt might take, we promise to keep you informed about the way things go and problems we might face. The average mission duration - from the beginning to the hiring, is 6 weeks.

3-month exhaustive guarantee

Our interest derives from long-term success of our customers. As a result, we shall go on with the recruitment mission without any charge 3 months after recruiting if :
- the applicant doesn’t meet your expectations, and you want to let him/her go
- the applicant decides to quit.

Guarantee over 3 months

Our guarantee can be extended up to 6 months if :
- during the first three months you mentioned us doubts about the hiring of an applicant, you renewed his/her trial run and decide to fire him/her
- you mentioned a problem that did not come up either during the interview or during the 3-month period, and you decide to fire him/her for that precise reason.

Guarantee on the Uniqueness of Information

In order to avoid political considerations that might have an influence on your collaborators’ decisions, we first ask you to define off the people of your team we will be in touch with, so that they get the same data concerning the mission.

Openness Commitment

We give you detailed information on the companies we are working with and who might be competitors of yours.

Non-hunt commitment

We cannot work both for and against you. We will not seek applicants among members of your team, neither for a job mentioned earlier nor for any other position until a year after a candidate has been hired. The only exceptions to this commitment are spontaneous applications, which we shall deal with as any other proposal.


Each recruiting mission is assessed by the customer with an evaluation scale bearing precise criteria enabling us to correct our weaknesses and serve best our customers.

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