Our Recruitment Methods

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We combine « active search » (hunt and active search) and « Passive search » (wanted ads) in order to optimize results and find skilled applicants.

Our recruitment experience enabled us to set up a methodology to improve the search and profile coverage defined with the customer.

Usual interview evaluation method

For interviews, we use the "Observation/Deduction" Method.

We do not believe what we see 

We only validate what is proven.

The basis of our theory is that people "can" do in the future as well as they did in the past. We make hypotheses on the stability of applicants’ personality, based on qualities, defaults, and reactions they showed on several occasions. This method is more reliable as for recruiting decisions, this is also our most valuable asset. It uses rationality over intuition, although we resort to the latter in the beginning of the search.

Main abilities

The interview is an opportunity to assess the applicant’s knowledge, know-how, and analyze his/her personal skills (fields in which he/she does things naturally).

Basic motivation

The applicant’s motivation is meticulously analysed through the McClelland method (Power/Affiliation/Achievement). The result of his/her motivation profile test is to be communicated to you.

Professional stability

Assessing the applicant’s motivation and career objectives ensure reliable analysis of his/her professional stability.

Evaluation Report

Our evaluation report is a neutral analysis. It is made of 7 chapters with the main points we base on to establish our opinion on applicants:

• Adapting applicant’s profile with the job’s requirements in terms of both experience and skills 

• Goals and achievements analysis 

• Maturity / Responsibility-taking 

• Communication and Leadership 

• Decision-making / Creativity / Booting-up abilities 

• Organization and Coordination 

• Appearance / Charism / Impression

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