Recruitment process

Step 1 First contact

  • You have sent your CV (open application)
  • You have replied to a job offer
  • We have identified your profile though a jobboard, social network our any other commercia activity

Step 2 Talent pool

  • We keep your CV and stay in contact to follow your career evolution
  • We contact you for jobs compatible with your profile

Step 3 Job opening

  • We search for talents to fill up a customer request
  • We look first in our Talent Pool for potential candidates
  • You are then contacted

Step 4 Interviews

  • The first contact is either phone or mail
  • We check together adequation and potential for both parts
  • If both parts want to pursue the contact for this job then you get into the real process of evaluation/ recruitment. This will incude questionnaires, interviews, personality tests, reference taking.

Step 5 Presentation

  • In case we have positively evaluated your potential for the job, your are presented with strong recommendation to the team in charge of recruitment.

Step 6 References taking

  • We will ask you 3 names of referrees ( people having directly managed you in the past)
  • We may ask you for proofing documents ( Diplomas...)